We’re dedicated to making an impact.

At Quest, giving back to the community is part of who we are and essential to what we do.

MAIF logo

Every year, Quest donates 10% of our gross revenue to helping children in need. Through the Make an Impact Foundation, we’re making a difference for underprivileged youth in our communities.

Together, we can build communities that provide opportunities and a bright future for all our children.

A Simple Mission

To promote the education and well-being of children

The Make an Impact Foundation identifies children living in severe poverty and provides them a safe space to access the education and support they need to create change in their lives.

The foundation also assists children dealing with learning or physical disabilities, emotional problems, mental health concerns, disease, or any disadvantage that prevents them from having an equal opportunity to grow.

Fulfilling a vision where all children can grow, dream and imagine

The Make an Impact Foundation matches worthwhile projects with donor partners who can fund empowering change in their communities.

Quest is proud to be a dedicated sponsor.