Mergers & Acquisitions

Quest’s change package focuses on significant changes to equity of a business inclusive to mergers and acquisitions.  

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors

Quest provides merger and acquisition consulting for buyers and sellers of businesses. Our firm operates as an extended team to the business owner and their financial team as a project CFO to plan for mergers and acquisitions, perform outreach for ideal targets for mergers and acquisitions, negotiate the merger and acquisition options with the targets, confirm financing, organize the ideal business and tax structure, manage diligence, execute the closing, navigate the transition integration, and confirm the post-transition plan.  For a client that is buying multiple businesses, we perform this merger and acquisition consulting process multiple times.

Our clients participate in mergers & acquisitions for some of the following reasons:

Acquisitions for:

  • Access to talent
  • Better pricing
  • Economies of Scale
  • Growth Objectives
  • Market Share

Sales for:

  • A more scalable experience
  • Better opportunities for their employees
  • Retirement
  • Health Reasons

Business Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor

Quest differentiates from an M&A investment banker or M&A business broker by serving the client in the planning process and being part of the team on their Quest vs. serving one transaction.  Our firm’s executives carry investment banking credentials and we are here to serve the owner on their Quest and not just the transaction.  Most investment bankers and brokers are transactional in their approach and once a deal is closed they are done whereas Quest’s involvement serves a lifetime.  In our experience the wholistic planning approach will deliver a compounded value in a process to increase the value of the owners net worth, realize the liquidity, minimize risk, minimize income and estate taxes, and accomplish their Quest.

Results, Guaranteed

As part of our change package – it is designed for the business owner who is ready for the next phase of life. Now that the enterprise development plans are complete, and the environment is favorable. Quest will manage all facets of the transition according to your preferred outcome. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Execution of discoveries made during the Explore and Grow stages.

In-depth analysis of the exit options and future ownership options.

Coordination with your estate, family, and tax planning

It’s never too early to begin working with a strategic business advisor

Wherever you are in your business life cycle, discover how Quest can help you reach your goals and prepare for what’s next.