Estate Planning

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Estate Planning Advisors

Quest’s estate planning services serve our customers by organizing complicated financial information in a simple way so that our clients can think about the organization of their assets to maximize their estate planning options.  With regard to estate planning services, we view the planning process as a consistent continuous plan that is constantly evolving due to changes in family dynamics, shifts in the economy, legislative and tax law changes, along with new opportunities that arise that contribute to the assets of the family, etc.  Once estate documents are signed the assets still need to be managed, retitled, reported on, and monitored in a consistent manner. 

Quest’s estate planning services include but aren’t limited to:

Optimizing and understanding the true net worth of our customers to prepare for gifting and planning.

Planning for the ideal situation that accounts for cashflow, income and estate taxation, consideration of the intentions of the family and their gifts and trusts.

Confirming the trust plan and governance.

Organizing and executing the gifting.

Working with the CPA firm and estate planning attorney to ensure consistency in reporting the gifts.

Supporting reporting and investment decisions with respect to privately held business interests and real estate to serve the family’s trustee.

Are Quest's Estate Planning Services for you?

Quest works with estate attorneys, trustees, beneficiaries, investment firms, and CPA firms to accomplish the ideal outcomes for our clients.  Our firm serves as the financial integrator or the CFO of the family estate planning team.

Results, Guaranteed

Typically, estate planning is covered in both our explore and legacy packages.  In this process, a thorough analysis of the business owner’s net worth is performed as well as a thorough understanding of potential marketability of the business is done.  

Main goal of estate planning would be to preserve the future of the company and the financial security of your family. 

Estate Planning

Our client service team will deliver a customized management summary with observations, recommendations, and a timeline for goal achievement when developing an estate plan

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