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Quest’s Explore package provides you valuable insights into the health of your business while simultaneously exposing untapped opportunities for growth and enhancements to your business value and net worth.

With Quest, your business will gain access to:

A talented team of experts with diverse backgrounds that include 200+ years of experience.

Significant industry expertise, including but not limited to: Manufacturing, Construction, Distribution & Retail, Professional Services, Technology, Transportation, Industrial Services and Real Estate.

Exclusive data analytics and research tools related to your business and industry.

Our investor database that includes thousands of Private Equity, Family Office, and high-net-worth groups.

Family, income, and estate tax expertise.

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Our Explore package is a perfect fit for any business owner seeking to increase your business valuation, uncover opportunities for growth, minimize tax exposures, and maximize personal net worth. All while keeping your personal and lifestyle goals at the forefront of our analyses and action plans.

Keys to Success

As a successful business owner, it’s understandable that you might be skeptical about hiring a business advisory firm. What can we possibly know that you don’t?

Rest assured that our system works. We’re so confident it does that we offer a guaranteed positive return on investment to every client we partner with. In fact, we typically uncover savings up to ten times your initial investment.

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Our proven system includes a full analysis of your net worth, including business valuation, real estate holdings, personal liquidity and implications resulting from deferred income tax, life insurance, and estate tax.

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Our experienced team of business advisors will analyze your financials to reveal the potential marketability of your business, using a business benchmarking analysis, debt analysis, and quality of earnings assessment.

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Our customized business and personal goals report will include a gap analysis highlighting succession planning options, along with the pros and cons for each course of action. Our team will deliver a customized management summary with observations, recommendations, and a timeline for goal achievement.

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Wherever you are in your business life cycle, discover how Quest can help you reach your goals and prepare for what’s next.