Business Financial Planning

Think of Business Financial Planning as a “routine checkup”. Doing what is necessary for the business to grow and succeed. 

Financial Business Advisor

What is the difference between personal financial planning and business financial planning? At Quest, we focus on the needs and wants of the business owner first to explore what the business needs to produce in profit and value to meet the goals and objectives of the owners. Once we understand what the business needs to provide for ownership, we begin our “business financial planning” process.

Our clients generally fit one of 3 archetypes:

Grow - They have the desire to increase the value of their company to a minimum of $5M in value to optimize an exit.

Change - They are operating at $700k net profit or $1M of EBITDA and above and are considering an exit.

Legacy - They have family assets and significant family net worth in ownership of operating companies and real estate – family net worth up to $500M

Is Quest’s financial planners right for you?

The goal of business financial planning with Quest is to set the trajectory strategically and to create financial modeling to support forecasting, budgeting, and ultimately actual results with gaps to achieve the desired goals.

Results, Guaranteed

As part of our Explore service – Quest’s business financial planning advisors partner with your financial wealth advisory firms, your CPA firm where applicable, among other succession planning advisors you might have as part of your team. Quest anticipates a ten time return on your investment as part of our service.

Business Financial Planning Process

We have to answer the following questions in addition to many more throughout our financial planning process:

What capacities are necessary to achieve the desired liquidity and value to serve the owners’ goals and objectives?

What key hires should be considered?

What key processes should be considered?

What space and equipment considerations do we need to consider?

Are acquisitions part of the strategy?

What are industry dynamics at play?

What access to capital do we have to work with?

What critical timelines should be considered?


It’s never too early to begin working with a strategic business advisor

Wherever you are in your business life cycle, discover how Quest can help you reach your goals and prepare for what’s next.