Business Sales and Recaps

Transition your business in the way that preserves the future of the company

Business Sales and Recaps

Quest serves as a facilitator and project manager for their customers via our Change package which focuses on significant changes to equity of a business inclusive of business sales and recaps. 

With Quest's business sales and recaps, your business will gain access to:

In-depth analysis of future business plans

Coordination with your estate, family and tax planning

Execution of any discoveries found in the early stages of your journey with Quest

Is Quest’s business sales and recaps right for you?

Quest performs these services for lower middle market business owners and their businesses.  Our firm operates as an extended team to the business owner and their financial team as a project CFO to plan for business sales and recaps, we perform outreach for ideal targets for investors and buyers, we negotiate the business sale options, confirm financing, organize the ideal business and tax structure, manage diligence, execute the closing, navigate the transition integration, and confirm the post transition plan. 

Results, Guaranteed

Once the business is ready for sale, the owner has defined their exit strategy via our exit planning process, and it is determined the business owner needs to sell their business – they can turn to Quest to find the right buyer (right price, right time, right leadership). It is important to create a competitive environment for the business to maintain value. Quest leverages worldwide databases that indicate who is buying in the industry whether they are competitors, strategic, private equity, or family office to create the prioritized target list. As our client decides from the offers provided, we support the effort in driving the most value to our customer with our analysis, data, and competitive environment. Upon signing a letter of intent, Quest organizes and maintains the diligence management all of the advisors to a proper closing where we can protect the value we have already negotiated for. Along the way, our clients are always aware of the liquidity outcomes including expected cash at closing after tax and debt payoffs. 

Business sales and recaps

Quest can help our clients achieve liquidity from the existing business with support from minority equity and debt options that can support internal buyouts, family transitions, and dividend recapitalizations to support our clients’ liquidity and diversification goals. When a client has all of their wealth in their business and are thinking they want to maintain the culture of their company and transition from within the leadership team or within the family a recap can be a great solution without actually selling or even giving up control of the business.

It’s never too early to begin working with a strategic business advisor

Wherever you are in your business life cycle, discover how Quest can help you reach your goals and prepare for what’s next.