Succession Planning

The key word in succession is success. Success means delegation of responsibility for a successful transition to planning the future and the next step.

Succession Planning Services

Most people think of succession planning as the retirement of a leader seeking to replace their role with a new person. At Quest, we strive to understand the existing positions of the entire leadership team, the processes of all of the critical functions of the business, and the missing pieces that would make the company more valuable in the process. Our succession planning is typically focused on the internal team and the family members involved with the business as well as what possible new roles could be recruited for.

Our clients generally fit one of 3 archetypes:

Grow - They have the desire to increase the value of their company to a minimum of $5M in value to optimize an exit.

Change - They are operating at $700k net profit or $1M of EBITDA and above and are considering an exit.

Legacy - They have family assets and significant family net worth in ownership of operating companies and real estate – family net worth up to $500M

Succession Planning Financial Advisors

Business continuation is at the heart of succession planning as the sustainability of the business is where value exists. Succession planning should be inclusive of the entire company and the future of the company not just the individuals.

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Business succession planning strategies continue to evolve around the leaders and owners of the firm, who quite often are why the business is thriving. Still, critical man risk is present due to undocumented processes or their strength not being replicated within the company. The weakness could easily be exposed if health issues were current, as the business could be hard to perpetuate or sell without the owner or leader.

Top Rated Succession Planning Consultants

As part of our Explore service – Quest’s succession planning advisors partner with your financial wealth advisory firms, your CPA firm where applicable, among other succession planning advisors you might have as part of your team. Quest anticipates a ten-time return on your investment as part of our service.

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Wherever you are in your business life cycle, discover how Quest can help you reach your goals and prepare for what’s next.