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Business Valuation Experts

Quest serves our business owners by focusing on increasing their net worth and liquidity on their Quest over their lifetime!  Most of our customers largest component of their net worth is made up by the value of their business.   Therefore, you might say we are in business to consistently and routinely value their businesses for a variety of purposes but more specifically to measure the growth in value over time to support the objectives of our customer.  We think the business valuation metrics should be part of consistent monthly, quarterly, and annual close processes of our client’s businesses.

Business valuations become the basis for making decisions. Quest supports decision making with regard to business valuations in the following ways:

To assess the net worth of the owner

To assess access to capital

To facilitate buying a business

To facilitate selling a business

To organize for partner buyouts

To accommodate new partners to the business

To organize gifts for family transitions

To coordinate estate tax mitigation strategies

To assess the need for insurance

To support compensation programs for key employees

Is Quest's Business Valuation service right for you?

Our business valuation covers the explore, grow, change and legacy services. Through the valuation, business owners have the opportunity to realize the value and path forward that will grow their business accordingly. 

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The Business valuations are obtained for a variety of reasons so it makes sense to understand the drivers of a business value.

Examples of some of these are below:

  1. Recurring revenue
  2. Recurring customers
  3. Margins of the business
  4. Diversification of customers and key suppliers
  5. Lifecycle of your industry, growing or declining
  6. Legal and employment risks with regard to important contracts
  7. Consistency of the business
  8. Strength of leadership team and management teams
  9. Barriers to entry
  10. Growth of the business
  11. Projections over the next 3 to 5 years

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