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Who We Are

Guiding business owners in making great decisions that lead to successful outcomes is more than just our passion–it’s our purpose.

What We Do

Quest is a business advisory firm dedicated to helping business owners reach their goals and prepare for transitions. By focusing on the drivers that will increase business value and personal net worth, including supporting the family’s estate and income tax mitigation plans, we help business owners realize liquidity goals in transition.

No matter the stage of life your business is in, a good business advisory firm helps you navigate and overcome the challenges and obstacles that are in the way of achieving your goals in business–and in life. 

Quest is your catalyst to facilitate learning, growth, and change to make business transitions and implementations seamlessly align with your business and personal goals.

We serve privately held business owners and family businesses with revenues typically in excess of $10M+. Industries we serve include, but are not limited to: Manufacturing, Construction, Distribution & Retail, Professional Services, Technology, Transportation, Industrial Services and Real Estate.

Plan for today—and what’s next

Service Packages

You’re a business owner–but first and foremost, you’re a person. Your business and your lifestyle are inextricably intertwined and Quest understands that. We may be a business advisory firm, but our services align directly with your business and personal goals to help you achieve a fulfilling outcome.


The Possibilities

In our Explore package, we meet your business where you are today to plan for tomorrow. Here we’ll put our best thinking and innovative technologies together to assess your strengths and growth opportunities so you can make informed key decisions.


With Confidence

Our Grow package is where we put all the discoveries made during the Explore phase into action. We’ll help you grow smartly over time to prepare for your eventual transition, all while keeping your personal and business goals at the forefront.


Your Future

When you’re ready for the next phase of life, embrace the transition with our Change package. Now that the enterprise development plans are complete and the environment is favorable, we’ll coordinate a seamless exit while preserving the future of the company and the legacy you’ve built.


Protecting What's Next

Our Legacy package protects all that you have built and ensures you move confidently and excitedly into the next phase of life, while preserving the future of the company and the financial security of your family. Achieve financial and lifestyle goals while securing your legacy.

You know where you want to go, we can help you get there

About Quest

Your business is your biggest asset. Your retirement plan. Your life. Your legacy. 

You’ve invested countless time, energy, and resources into building a thriving company and you know where you want it to go, but you’re not quite sure the right steps to get there.

With Quest guiding your steps using our considerable expertise and innovative technologies, you’ll get insights into the health of your business and uncover opportunities for growth so you can move forward with certainty. 

It’s like having a birds-eye view of the drivers that will increase your business value and personal net worth and help you realize liquidity goals in transition.

Grow Your Value

Case Studies

See how we’ve helped our clients gain millions of dollars through tax savings, increased net worth, increased revenue, and higher final sale prices.

How Internal Succession Planning Doubled the Size of One Company & Preserved the Founder’s Investment and Legacy

Final Sale Price of Business Doubled Under Quest's Advisement

Quest Successfully Navigates a National Firm Integration for Financial Service Client

Quest Guides Custom Parts Manufacturer to $7.2M Increase in Net Worth


Stories of Success

  • Quest helped us navigate the downturn in the economy and expanded our company’s operations.

    Keith Pehl
    President/CEO, Optima Engineering
  • Quest was able to identify estate and income tax opportunities while selling our business at a price significantly ahead of our expectations.

    Jim Lanier
    President, Earth Farms Organics
  • Quest successfully navigated the sale of our family company to a publicly traded company at a time when the economy was putting others out of business.

    Tim Victory
    President, Victory Infrastructure Construction
  • Quest was critical to driving the financial metrics of our business to allow for an opportune sale.

    Tommy Morrison
    President, Stanley Environmental
  • Quest played a lead role in navigating a significant internal succession with key employees and partners.

    Lea Burt

It’s never too early to begin working with a strategic business advisor

Wherever you are in your business life cycle, discover how Quest can help you reach your goals and prepare for what’s next.