Embrace the future you’ve been planning for

Change Your Future

Exit the Business on Your Terms

Understanding the exit options that produce results enables you to acquire top dollar and qualified successors for your business while spending most of your energy thinking about what exciting things you plan to do next.

With Quest, your business will gain access to:

A talented team of experts with diverse backgrounds that include 200+ years of experience.

Significant industry expertise, including but not limited to: Manufacturing, Construction, Distribution & Retail, Professional Services, Technology, Transportation, Industrial Services and Real Estate.

Exclusive data analytics and research tools related to your business and industry.

Our investor database that includes thousands of Private Equity, Family Office, and high-net-worth groups.

Family, income, and estate tax expertise.

Ideal Candidates

Is Quest’s Change package right for you?

 If you want to maximize the sale price of your company or succeed the business to family members smoothly, properly and with minimal tax burden, Change is the right package for you. Quest runs a global process focused on finding the right investor that fits the culture that you desire for your company.

Results, Guaranteed

Quest’s competitive exit process guarantees a positive return on your investment and a significant increase in both interest in and final sale price of your business. By fully managing every single facet of the transition process, our process achieves optimal results for family office coordination, targeted buyer outreach, negotiation and analysis of offers, structural advisory, tax planning, and creation of marketing & offering.

We routinely deliver a sale price that greatly exceeds owner expectations and qualify all potential successors of your business to protect the legacy you have built with your vision and hard work.


Our Change package is designed to guide business owners who are ready to transition their business and put their best foot forward for the next stage of life. We’ll manage every facet of your business transition in a way that preserves the legacy of the company you’ve built.

Execute on discoveries found during the Explore and Grow phases

Manage the buyer outreach, the sale, and the diligence for the sale of your business

Present a detailed analysis of all exit and future ownership options at your disposal

Help you make informed decisions about the future of your business, including employees/ESOP, family, and sale to a third-party

Coordinate with estate, family, and tax planning

Further enhance the value of and interest in your business

It’s never too early to begin working with a strategic business advisor

Wherever you are in your business life cycle, discover how Quest can help you reach your goals and prepare for what’s next.