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Plan for today – and what’s next

Plan to Win

As a business owner, you understand that the road to success is long – but that arriving at your destination is the most satisfying professional achievement you will ever experience. Our business advisory service packages are designed to help you align business & lifestyle goals to reach maximum fulfillment.



Plan for today—and what’s next

Services By Type

Quest provides a wide range of business advisory services, but we need to ensure our solutions align with your business goals, plans & objectives. If these are not set, we’ll help you set them.


Understand The Value

With our business valuation advisory services, we consistently and routinely value your business for a variety of purposes but more specifically to measure the growth in value over time to support the objectives. We think the business valuation metrics should be part of consistent monthly, quarterly, and annual close processes of our client’s businesses.

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We Handle The Details

Our firm operates as an extended team to the business owner and their financial team as a project CFO to plan for mergers and acquisitions, perform outreach for ideal targets for M&As, negotiate the M&A options with the targets, confirm financing, organize the ideal business and tax structure, manage diligence and more. Inquire about our merger and acquisition services.

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Exit On Your Terms

Ideally, we get an owner to exit on their terms with respect to timing, value, transition, and vision. We believe exit planning is an ongoing coordination to maintain the maximum flexibility to achieve the desired “Maximize their Quest” outcome. Learn more about our exit planning advisory services.

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Results, Guaranteed

We focus on the needs and wants of the business owner first to explore what the business needs to produce in profit and value to meet the goals and objectives of the owners. Once we understand what the business needs to provide for ownership, we begin our “business financial planning” process.

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Secure Your Future

Quest serves our customers by organizing complicated financial information in a simple way so that our clients can think about the organization of their assets to maximize their estate planning options. We view the planning process as a consistent continuous plan that is constantly evolving.

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Business Sale Options

Quest serves as a facilitator and project manager for their customers via our Change package which focuses on significant changes to equity of the business inclusive of Management buyouts and internal transitions.

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Establishing Successful Transitions

Our succession planning is typically focused on the internal team and the family members involved with the business as well as what possible new roles could be recruited for. Learn more about our succession planning services.

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Minimize Your Tax Liability

Quest serves our clients as they navigate their business in increasing their wealth via business value creation, focusing on increasing their net worth, and ultimately liquidating realization.

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Managing Family Assets

We provide family office services aimed at developing processes and improving internal systems to identify the value of privately held family holdings on a timely basis. Our services include strategic decision-making, value creation, liquidity considerations, family planning, support for family meetings, estate and trust management, optimization, income tax optimization, and more.

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Preserve Your Company's Future

We perform outreach for ideal targets for investors and buyers, we negotiate the business sale options, confirm financing, organize the ideal business and tax structure, manage diligence, execute the closing, navigate the transition integration, and confirm the post-transition plan.

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Mapping Your Quest


Quest’s business advisory service packages take you and your business from where you are today to living the life you’ve always imagined.

services packages
services packages


The Possibilities

In our Explore package, we meet your business where you are today to plan for tomorrow. Here we’ll put our best thinking and innovative technologies together to assess your strengths and growth opportunities so you can make informed key decisions.


With Confidence

Our Grow package is where we put all the discoveries made during the Explore phase into action. We’ll help you grow smartly over time to prepare for your eventual transition, all while keeping your personal and business goals at the forefront.


Your Future

When you’re ready for the next phase of life, embrace the transition with our Change package. Now that the enterprise development plans are complete and the environment is favorable, we’ll coordinate a seamless exit while preserving the future of the company and the legacy you’ve built.


Protecting What's Next

Our Legacy package protects all that you have built and ensures you move confidently and excitedly into the next phase of life, while preserving the future of the company and the financial security of your family. Achieve financial and lifestyle goals while securing your legacy.