Represented Industries

Quest specializes in a wide range of industries, and the list below represents only a selection of the top NAICS codes we work with, but it is not an exhaustive list.


Includes establishments primarily engaged in the chemical, mechanical, or physical transformation of materials or substances into new products.


Includes electric power, natural gas, steam supply, water supply, and sewage removal through a permanent infrastructure of lines, mains, and pipes.


This industry includes work done that includes new work, additions, alterations, or maintenance and repairs. Activities of these establishments generally are managed at a fixed place of business, but they usually perform construction activities at multiple project sites.

Transportation and Warehousing

Establishments in these industries use transportation equipment or transportation-related facilities as a production asset. The type of equipment depends on the mode of transportation – air, rail, road, etc.

Information Technology

This industry comprises establishments that are engaged in the following processes: producing and distributing information, and cultural products.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Establishments that specialize in performing professional, scientific, and technical activities for others.

Finance and Insurance

Establishments primarily engaged in financial transactions (transactions involving the creation of liquidity or change in ownership of financial assets) and/or in facilitating financial transactions.

Real Estate Rental and Leasing

Establishments primarily engaged in renting, leasers, or otherwise allowing the use of tangible or intangible assets and establishments providing related services.

Management of Companies and Enterprise

Establishments in this sector perform essential activities that are often undertaken in-house by established in many sectors of the economy.

Administrative and Support and Waste Management Services

Establishments in this sector performs routine activities for the day-to-day operations of other organizations.

Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

In this sector, it includes a wide range of establishments that operate facilities or provide services to meet varied cultural entertainment and recreational interests of their patrons.

Other Services

The Other services (except Public Administration) sector comprises establishments engaged in providing services not specifically provided for elsewhere in the classification system.