Quest Guides Custom Parts Manufacturer to $7.2M Increase in Net Worth

When the owners of a custom parts manufacturer were skeptical that a business advisory service could help improve their bottom line, Quest put our ROI pledge to the test. We guaranteed results and then delivered on our promise.

Quest started by looking at more effective ways to manage the team of advisors the company already had in place. We didn’t fire their CPA, financial advisor, attorney, or other advisors—we simply acted as a vendor manager to get better results from these professional relationships. We found that the advice being offered by the current advisors was sound, but they weren’t executing on the recommended ideas.

In addition, Quest leveraged our own “brain trust” of experts as well as our unique access to data and technology to uncover a number of rather large missed execution opportunities regarding tax planning, insurance, trust structure, investment strategy and more.

As a result of hiring Quest, the client increased their total net worth significantly. During the four years we worked with this client, we increased their total net worth by $7.2M.

“Quest managed our other advisors and put their fee up to a guarantee. No one else had ever done that.”



  • Valuable investments clouded true operational revenue
  • Excessive investment in non-liquid assets
  • Insufficient estate and tax planning execution
  • Inefficient life insurance planning
  • Trusts were not properly structured



  • Quest took over the management of existing advisors
  • Separated valuable investments from operating assets
  • Prepared estate and gift tax gap analysis
  • Life insurance policy opportunities were executed
  • Implemented proper structure for trusts



  • Net worth improved monthly for four continuous years
  • Quest increased the business owners’ net worth from $23.8M to $31M+