Exit Planning

Ideally, getting an Owner to exit on their terms with respect to timing, value, transition, and vision

Certified Exit Planning Advisors

Most people think of exit planning as the plan to sell a business, but here at Quest, we think of it as planning for life by replacing your time with the desired set of different activities than those for which you are currently responsible as a leader or owner in your existing business. Ideally, we get an owner to exit on their terms with respect to timing, value, transition, and vision. We believe exit planning is an ongoing coordination to maintain the maximum flexibility to achieve the desired “Maximize their Quest” outcome.

Exit planning capacities to consider:

Do they have a strong balance sheet that could be leveraged for $$ to support an exit?

Do they have a consistent, reliable, growing, profitable business that can support a value that meets the needs of the existing owner?

Do they have capable internal employees and leaders in sales, marketing, R&D, service, production, IT, legal, accounting, recruiting, employee development, HR, etc.?

Do they have good health?

Have they inventoried the target amount after taxes and debt they need and want to support the lifestyle into their late ages?

Business Exit Plan Advisor

Our clients are successful leaders and owners of businesses. They care about their employees, customers, vendors, and relationships. They are seeking the perfect solutions to deliver their businesses. They are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters; they have faith and religion, political views, leaders in the community, mentors to their employees, and have lived a successful life and built a successful businesses.

Results, Guaranteed

The one thing that most of our clients have never done is – “They typically haven’t ever sold or exited a business .” But that is precisely why our Quest team can provide support and value for business owners vulnerable to this experience.

Our clients generally fit one of Quest’s three service lines:

  1. Grow – The desire to increase their company’s value to a minimum of $5M in value to optimize an exit.
  2. Change – They are operating at $700k net profit or $1M of EBITDA and above and are considering an exit.
  3. Legacy – They have family assets and significant family net worth in ownership of operating companies and real estate – family net worth up to $500M

More Exit Planning Capacities to Consider:

Have they considered desired financial targets of value to pass on to kids and grandkids?

Have they thought about what culture shifts are acceptable in the business if they were no longer in leadership?

What happens when travel, gold, and other hobbies wear off in retirement? Are there business activities that make sense to stay involved with?

What is the best option based on your desires?

As part of our Explore service – Quest’s exit planning advisors partner with your financial wealth advisory firms, your CPA firm where applicable, among other certified exit planning advisors you might have as part of your team. Quest anticipates a ten-time return on your investment with us as part of our service.

It’s never too early to begin working with a strategic business advisor

Wherever you are in your business life cycle, discover how Quest can help you reach your goals and prepare for what’s next.