Is our Legacy package right for you?

Retirement is a choice – and yours to make. Your business is successful, your family is taken care of, and you are ready to shift from daily operations to a longer-term view. This may mean stepping back from your business, either fully or partially. At this stage in your life, your focus is no longer on building your business; your business has grown and is successful. Whatever involvement you wish to take in the business you built, our Legacy package is tailored for you.

Who are our Legacy customers?

Our Legacy clients have their liquidity plans met for the rest of their life and may or may not be deciding to sell their business. Whatever your professional role in your business, we are here to optimize your business decisions to make sure they align with your life and financial goals.

How do we help?

We apply our decades of business experience and expertise to all areas of business succession. Our seasoned financial and exit planning consultants can assist you in putting together a succession plan – as we discuss in our blog post, “When and Why to Create a Business Succession Plan.” Our experts take a deep dive into your business and find opportunities to increase your business value and net worth, delivering on our guaranteed return on investment (ROI).

On top of this, we prioritize you and your goals, making sure that your lifestyle and personal needs are at the forefront of our recommendation process. This allows you to achieve what you truly wish to do as you transition to the next chapter of your life.

Learn more about our Legacy package

Our Legacy plan supports you before and after retirement. We answer all questions for you, whenever you have them by setting up what we call a “family office.” This allows us to meet your complex family needs and financial goals while working with your financial planners, CPAs, and attorneys.We are committed to helping business owners achieve their business goals and life plans. To learn more about our Legacy package and to chat with our expert business succession advisors, click here to contact us

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